ISI Integrated Inspection of the Royal Hospital School

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is the government-approved body responsible for the inspection of educational establishments which are members of the eight associations comprising of the Independent Schools Council. The most recent ISI Integrated Inspection of the Royal Hospital School looked at the key areas below and rated the School as EXCELLENT in all nine.



Rated Excellent in all Nine Key Areas


Pupils are encouraged to strive for academic excellence and endorse the values of service, loyalty and commitment, whilst upholding the school's unique and rich heritage. The school encourages leadership and a sense of adventure and self-discovery. A high priority is the promotion of service both within the school and to the wider community. The school aims to foster creativity and imagination within a civilised, caring, Christian community, based upon high standards of behaviour, mutual respect, trust and courtesy between staff and pupils. The school cultivates a global outlook and sense of environmental responsibility. It aims to encourage pupils to develop fitness, well-being and enter into healthy competition. Independent Schools
Inspectorate (ISI) 2015