“To cultivate a global outlook and environmental responsibility” is one of the core educational aims of the School.

Members of our pupil-led Eco Committee are the driving force behind behavioural change; their aim is to influence behaviours of pupils and staff as well as educating them on resource efficiency topics and to champion the sustainable ethos to them and their wider circle of families, friends and future employers. Each boarding and day house has representatives on the Eco Committee that are empowered to give advice and direction to their peers. Information is also relayed to Senior House Staff to enable them to facilitate and encourage behavioural change. Each academic year the committee run projects to engage the school community.

All staff receive environmental awareness training and new pupils routinely have an introduction to the Estates Department at the beginning of every academic year as part of PSHE lessons. This gives them an appreciation of where their water and heating come from, how waste is managed, what resources are used, and what work goes on behind the scenes to make the school run.


In 2019, RHS was awarded a Gold Carbon Charter by Suffolk County Council for its work to reduce its overall carbon footprint by 35% since 2010. Particular savings were made in the utilities: water usage down 54%, heating oil usage down 41%, and electricity down 26%. A comprehensive metering and monitoring system was put in place in 2012 which identified areas for improvement. This works alongside an increasingly sophisticated Building Management System which more accurately controls energy use.

Eco News

Year 7 Farm Trip

Our Year 7s got the opportunity to visit four Essex farms. In the morning they visited Frame and Chigborough farms where they got the opportunity to learn about wheat farming and all the farm diversification activities.  

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