Understanding our world and our role within it is a key part of pupil development at RHS and it is embedded inside and outside of our curriculum. We seek to develop our school community in the following three areas:


1. Global Citizenship

Celebrating cultural and national similarities and differences, recognising that diversity enriches our community.

Our staff and pupils actively develop, implement and evaluate new learning activities, which are shared with relevant groups across the school network. Successful activities and resources are built into schemes of work across the curriculum for future years to create a happy, fair and positive environment for all.

Whole-school events are planned to celebrate the cultural, ethnic, linguistic and social diversity of our school community. These events not only celebrate the global nature of RHS as a school, but they will be a vehicle for further education on the importance of being knowledgeable and receptive to other cultures, languages and groups.

2. Global Sustainability

 Understanding our impact on the environment and our individual and collective responsibility for living and working sustainably.

We actively identify and put into practice more environmentally sustainable ways of living and working, supporting and encouraging this both within the school community and outside school, with our external suppliers, contractors and other associated groups and organisations. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and renew our Gold Carbon Charter Award.

We identify and work with parents, alumni and other contacts who have expertise and insight into environmental responsibility and sustainability. Sessions to complement the growing presence of environmental issues in our academic schemes of work are run for pupils. 

3. Global Awareness

 Understanding and devising solutions for contemporary global issues.

We aim to better understand global issues e.g. war, mental health issues, poverty, environmental issues, and how they might impact our daily lives at RHS and beyond, identifying ways to support one another where required.

Our Compass curriculum in Years 7-9 encourages pupils to reflect on a diverse range of nuanced issues, such as protest, activism, fake news, the cult of celebrity, political engagement, modern slavery and the cost-of-living crisis. We recognise that complex issues often require complex solutions, and so encourage pupils to think critically about different viewpoints on such issues.

Current affairs and contemporary global issues are explored through our debating society, Model United Nations and tutoring programme, as well as being intelligently discussed through skilled teaching staff when they arise in the academic curriculum.

RHS Global News

Prefect Talk

With this term drawing to a close, Grace and I thought that we would focus our prefect talk on inclusivity. As Ayoola, Sophie and Lily have all previously highlighted, celebrating diversity is important, and it can be done through writing and media. However, ensuring that people feel included in a different culture is equally just as important. Even more so when we live in a society where travelling allows us to experience cultures from around the world. However, RHS also gives us the opportunity to access a variety of cultures, and in order for everyone in the school community to feel included, we can embrace these differences. 

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Prefect Talk

Lily I and Sophie S delivered their ‘Thought for the Week’ on ‘How to Celebrate Difference’. Report by Lily I and Sophie S: Celebrating difference means recognizing and honouring the unique qualities and characteristics that make each individual valuable.   

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Language Careers

At the end of January, the Classics Department held a Year 9 Languages Careers Event. We were very grateful to be joined by parents Mrs Rhodes, Mr Jennings and Ms Neill who were able to share their experiences.  

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Five Year 12 delegates, along with Mrs Routledge and Mr Gurur, made their way to Lady Eleanor Holles School in Hampton, London, at the end of January for their annual LEHMUN Conference. They were to represent Nigeria, Ghana and Saudi Arabia. 

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Prefect Talk

This week’s ‘thought for the week’ was delivered by Callum C and Charlotte F, both prefects in Year 13, with the message of recognising cultural diversity. They also shared their personal experiences of making friends with people from different backgrounds.

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RHS Global

We are delighted to share with you the third edition of RHS Global, a digital newsletter which seeks to share news on global awareness, sustainability and citizenship.  

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In the second of our podcast series, we continue to get to know members of our RHS community, but with a particular theme. Global Awareness, Citizenship and Sustainability is the school focus for 2022/23 and how the school community can continue to grow in areas of diversity, inclusivity, sustainability and awareness of global issues. We listen to a range of members from our community on what we are doing in this important area.

RHS Global Newsletter


Our pupils have developed a digital newsletter to promote global awareness, sustainability and citizenship activity.

RHS Global Edition 4