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CCF Field Day

Two CCF Field Days took place in the week prior to the end of term, enabling cadets to participate in a variety of activities across the RHS site. Both days were very successful and enjoyed by pupils and staff alike. 

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Clip 'n Climb

Our Year 12 A Level and BTEC Business pupils enjoyed an educational trip to Clip ‘n Climb in Ipswich, providing a unique opportunity to explore business operations in alignment with their Edexcel curriculum.  

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Mr Corbould

Today we're sitting down with Mr Corbould, head of Drake House, who joined the school eight years ago. His enthusiasm for the pastoral life, the school and how important he sees that as a role, is evident.

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The performance of Hadestown began with several catchy songs that immediately drew the audience in. As the story unfolded, it was evident that great attention had been paid to detail, with many emotional songs enhancing the narrative. One personal highlight was the lighting, which beautifully underscored the emotions of each scene. The set design was visually stunning, leaving us speechless during the dramatic stage transformation toward the end of the first act. 

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Beaton Declamation

This year, 12 pupils from Years 7 and 8 showcased their oratory skills in the Beaton Declamation. We were thrilled to have Kevin Beaton back at the school to judge this inspiring competition. Speeches ranged from topics including sport (cricket and South African rugby), the rise of Temu, TikTok, the Collatz conjecture, books vs screens for education, black holes, the Dyson sphere, age ratings, and why dogs make such loving pets. 

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Global Awareness

Instilling the importance of a global outlook and recognising our place within the world has long been a key component of an RHS education, but given the growing importance globally of climate change, sustainability, geopolitics and cultural cooperation, we have renewed our focus and embedded key components across our curriculum.
Our whole school community is focused on developing as global citizens, whether from the perspective of environmentalism and sustainability, the recognition of contemporary issues, or understanding our cultural similarities and differences.

Listen to our Podcasts

Launched in 2021, our podcast series pulls back the curtain and sits down with a range of alumni, parents, pupils and staff to give our listeners a deeper understanding of how the school sets pupils up for success and how we give them the skills, confidence and resilience to thrive and follow their ambitions. Tune in via Apple or Spotify to gain a real insight into members of our RHS community.

Launching 100 lives

The Royal Hospital School is committed to providing life-changing opportunities through bursaries.  2022 saw the launch of our Centennial Bursary Campaign, where, with your support, we will transform the lives of 100 children by 2033, the centenary of the Royal Hospital School’s move to Holbrook.

RHS Living

We inspire our pupils to have the courage to be ambitious for their futures and the commitment to pursue whichever path they choose.
We offer a flexible range of day and boarding options to suit modern family life, from full and weekly boarding through to ad-hoc boarding bundles. Our boarding and day houses provide the heart to our pastoral care, led by a house parent and a fully staffed team to support pupils throughout the day and night.

“RHS is an exceptional school, and has been absolutely the right place for our son. The site, the quality of teaching, the ethos and the opportunities offered combine to make up a unique experience which is hard to beat.”- Day Parent

"Boarding has allowed me to foster new friendships, to learn to do things for myself and become a more independent person." - Boarding Pupil

Part of a Community you will never forget

Our Houses are the heart of school life and great emphasis is placed on a close partnership between pupil, school and parents.

RHS Student


Being part of this school community has allowed me to reach for the sky, find myself as a person, chase opportunities and in some cases allow opportunities to find me. My motivation to achieve my dreams will continue long after RHS.

RHS Teacher

Harriet Barber

At RHS, we aim for all our pupils to realise their full potential, enjoy their experience of learning and be empowered with the knowledge, skills, confidence and strength of character to go on to lead purposeful and happy lives.

RHS Parent

RHS Parent

We chose RHS for a combination of reasons, but particularly for the outstanding music provision. We also liked the ethos and atmosphere, and chose RHS over a similar school because of the values, the feel of the school, and the attitude of the headmaster and other key staff.