The Sixth Form Enrichment Programme consists of a range of courses, training, activities, conferences and talks that aim to broaden pupils' interests, teach useful skills for life beyond school and provide the opportunity to gain some additional qualifications. The programme helps pupils to develop into impressive, well-informed and well-rounded individuals and to give them the assets to produce outstanding personal statements.

Academic Enrichment

Ancient Greek (GCSE Qualification)
This course aims to take pupils half way to GCSE standard by the end of Year 12 and can be continued in Year 13 with a view to sitting GCSE in the final term. It is open to anyone, although we prefer that pupils have already studied GCSE Latin.

Law (AS Level Qualification)
This course covers the fundamentals of the law in England and Wales in Paper 1 and focuses on criminal and contract law in Paper 2.

German (AS Level Qualification)
This course provides the opportunity to build on skills already acquired at GCSE and work towards achieving an AS in German after one year. It covers topics such as advertising and the media, film, music and internet, relationships and health and fitness.

Popular Law
This course examines the importance of law and the effect that it has on everyday lives. You will gain a greater understanding of why we have laws and the purpose they serve.

Russian for Beginners
This course provides the opportunity to learn the language of the world's largest country and begin to understand its culture and society. It is a beginners' course that will teach you to read in a different alphabet and help you develop Russian speaking skills.

English as a Foreign Language
If English is not your first language, you can join these sessions to develop your academic language, especially in terms of writing and broadening vocabulary. There is the option to work towards the qualifications needed for university entrance.

Model United Nations

An academic simulation of the United Nations in which students play the role of UN Member States to debate current issues on the Organisation's vast agenda. Serving as 'Distinguished Representatives' of their State, students prepare draft resolutions, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts and navigate the UN's rules of procedure in the interest of mobilising international cooperation to resolve multinational problems. Over 70 pupils are involved and they take part in twelve inter-school conferences each year around the country.

Download the Model United Nations Booklet

Sports Leadership

This course provides the opportunity to work with young people in local schools and the wider community in a variety of sporting activities. The course aims to increase responsibility and awareness, develop confidence and improve self-esteem.

Music and Media

An introduction to music used in films, television and advertisements and the important part it plays in enhancing the action on screen. John Williams (Gladiator, Harry Potter, Warhorse), James Horner (Titanic, Spiderman, Braveheart) and John Barry (James Bond franchise) are a few of the composers whose work is explored.

Habits of Highly Effective People

This course follows Stephen Covey's book of the same name, and teaches invaluable skills for life and an understanding of human behaviour. Covey's vision, discipline and passion are to inspire others and provide tools for change and growth. The seven habits are:
1. be proactive
2. begin with the end in mind
3. put first things first
4. think win/win
5. seek first to understand, then to be understood
6. synergise
7. sharpen the saw.

Managing Your Workload

This is a short course aimed at applying contemporary psychological research into physiological and psychological stressors to the real world context. It can help you to manage your academic workload, negotiate university choices, deal with peer issues and life choices, and provide you with the 'tools' to manage any potentially stressful situations.

Public Speaking

This course is designed to improve public speaking, presentation and formal debating skills. Even if you are are completely terrified of standing up and putting forward ideas or disputing the views of others, this course can provide you with the confidence to do so and develop key skills for the world of work.

Lecture Programme

Visiting speakers are invited to talk on areas of their own expertise and experience. These lectures are designed to educate, inform, inspire and broaden pupils' horizons and notable recent topics have included 'The Use of the Arts in Prisons' and an account of cycling through China and South East Asia.