St Vincent

St Vincent is a House that has developed a proud tradition of honesty and trust. These are the essential foundations that form the core of our community and the values we endeavour to instill in these young men so that they can carry these into the wider community. Any boarding house is home to pupils for almost two thirds of the year and crucially also when many exacting and important hurdles in life are met. With that in mind it is important that this ‘home from home’ provides a stable set of foundations where the boys are cared for and given every opportunity to meet the challenges that life will throw at them.

I previously taught for seven years at King Edward VII School , in Johannesburg where, amongst other things, I was Director of Boarding and Pastoral and coached the 1st XV rugby. In 2008 my wife and I took the opportunity to return to the United Kingdom to take up a position at St John’s Leatherhead where I held the position of Assistant Head Co-curricular and amongst other sports, coached the 1st XV rugby for a number of seasons. At RHS I teach Mathematics and coach games, currently coach the 1st VX and Sevens rugby team.

I am married to Marianne, who has previously worked in the corporate world but in recent years has been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work at the schools we have lived in. She currently works in Raleigh House and Nelson House. We have a daughter and a son; Erin who is in Year 6 and Sean who is in year 4 at a local school.

Our resident matron, Sue Priddle, is central to the lives of the boys. Right from the moment the boys wake up Sue is there to dispense medicine, sort and wash clothes, provide support on the rugby pitch and in the drama hall, listen to their woes, share in their triumphs, shop for essentials; the list is endless. In short, Sue is there for the boys in everything that they do.

Our aim for the boys of St. Vincent House is to provide encouragement in individual enterprise, participation in all the events and activities of the school, and to develop each boys’ sense of responsibility to himself and for others through the duties and tasks that he will be asked to perform; in other words to foster a sense of independence, mutual trust, responsibility, leadership and pride, together with consideration and compassion, that will stand him in good stead for the rest of his life.

Within the House the boys are regularly exposed to or given both leadership opportunities and responsibilities where the smooth running or success of the House is dependent on their actions. St. Vincent strives for excellence in everything that it does. This excellence though, is relative to all the boys at whatever level they perform and involves the participation of all. It is just as important for example, that whilst half the House is representing the school on a Saturday afternoon, the other half represent and do their best in House teams which play at the same time.

This commitment extends through sport, music, drama, CCF and all other activities at the school. St. Vincent has a large number of boys who opt to stay in the CCF and gain further leadership training and opportunities through the NCO Cadre training that is given. The boys take great pride in the traditions and ethos of the school and currently a number of boys are in the guard and band.

Stephen Eales

+44 (0) 1473 326248

Matron: Ms Sue Priddle
Resident Academic Tutor: Mr Guy Croft