In the senior part of the School there are three girls' Boarding Houses, three boys' Boarding Houses, a Coeducational Day House and a boys' Day House with ad hoc boarding facilities. Each is a thriving community with its own distinct identity. Healthy competition is encouraged between the Houses and there are regular inter-House sports fixtures and leagues, drama and singing competitions, sailing regattas, shooting competitions and other opportunities to score House Points for annual awards. The House provides pastoral care and support for both boarding and day pupils during their time at the School and each has superb communal areas for relaxing and socialising, as well as quiet rooms for reading, music practice or study.

Full or Weekly Boarding

Each senior Boarding House is home to between 50 and 60 girls or boys aged 13 to 17 years. A Housemaster or Housemistress takes overall responsibility for the House, assisted on a day to day basis by the Matron and a team of resident and non-resident House staff.

Anson, Hood and Howe are girls' Houses and Collingwood, Hawke and St Vincent are boys' Houses. Boarders are in 4-bed study bedrooms in Years 9 and 10 and move to double or single en-suite studies in Years 11 and 12. All have outstanding communal spaces at the centre which provide a hub for social activity, relaxation and meetings.

All Houses have WiFi access with security settings and most boarders will bring their own laptops or tablets. There are also PCs available and facilities for Skype communication.

The School operates as a full boarding school so weekends are busy and many whole school events take place on Saturdays and Sundays. The majority of boarders stay in school on most weekends and there are no compulsory exeats but there are designated 'quiet weekends' when pupils may choose to go home and those who remain can enjoy brunch, leisure activities and time to recharge their batteries.

Weekly boarders may go home after sport and other school commitments on a Saturday afternoon and return on Sunday night in time for chapel or on Monday morning if there is no chapel service.

Day Pupils

Day pupils in the senior part of the school may join Raleigh which is a coeducational House with exceptional facilities and furnishings for boys and girls in Years 9 to 12. Alternatively, boys can choose Cornwallis House which also has ad hoc boarding facilities for those who may like to stay overnight up to 3 nights per week. Day girls who wish to stay overnight on an ad hoc basis or up to 3 nights per week can choose to be a day pupil in a girls' Boarding House however, to guarantee a bed space, full or weekly boarding is recommended.

The provision for day pupils is unrivalled compared to most day schools and includes social areas, changing and storage facilities and study rooms with full Wi-Fi access. Pupils can arrive in the morning as early as 7.30am, but by 8am for the daily House Meeting, and leave when the daily buses depart at around 6pm or up until 7pm when the House closes. The opportunity for extended stay is very popular with working parents and provides plenty of opportunity to get involved in the co-curricular life of the school, but day pupils can leave as soon as their school commitments are completed from 4.15pm if they wish.