Blake Junior House

The Junior House provides pastoral care and support for both boarding and day pupils during their first year in the Lower School. The Housemaster and Housemistress take overall responsibility for the House, assisted on a day-to-day basis by the boarding and day pupil Matrons and resident and non-resident House staff.

Blake House

WhitespaceBlake House provides a secure and happy environment to enable pupils to transition from primary to secondary education. Each pupil is treated as an individual with an academic tutor, excellent pastoral care and a homely atmosphere within the house. Social events are age appropriate and morning and evening routines well established to give them security and enable them to grow in confidence before moving into a Senior House in Year 8. Both day and boarding pupils have timetabled prep sessions and day pupils are encouraged to stay in school until 18:00, so that they can make the most of all the extracurricular activities available. For boarders, there is a full program of evening and weekend activities and entertainment. Day pupils are offered the opportunity to flexi board on an ad hoc basis.

Blake is a co-educational House for Year 7 pupils. We endeavour to help both boys and girls realise their full potential and move on as confident young people ready to enter Senior School in Year 8. This transition is made possible with the support of an excellent Matron and a fantastic team of experienced and devoted house staff and tutors. The pupils are nurtured in a family atmosphere within the house where they learn valuable lessons about tolerance and acceptance of others. We aim to help them with their personal development, their mutual understanding of each other and to motivate them to achieve to the best of their ability within the classroom.

We look forward to welcoming you to Blake House.

Roo & Sabina Hanrahan
Housemaster & Housemistress

Contact + 44 (0) 1473 326239 |

Matron: Miss Mary Crawford
Assistant Matron: Mrs Jill Shuff
Resident Assistant: Miss Alexandra Kemsley

Day and Boarding


The integration of day and boarding pupils at this stage enables pupils to form strong friendships and to enjoy the wealth of extra-curricular and social activities available. Boarders are in superbly furnished six- or eight-bedded rooms and day pupils are welcome to stay overnight on an ad hoc basis in the flexi-boarding room.