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Royal Hospital School
Friday 28 November
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RHS attends first MUN Conference

The United Nations (UN) aim is 'to resolute the world’s problems with an optimum solution'. The Model United Nations (MUN) is a worldwide initiative in which pupils take part in academic simulations of the United Nations allowing them to develop their knowledge and understanding of the UN and its respective member states. MUN

This year, under the guidance of Mr. Christmas, a Royal Hospital School MUN group has been established and over the weekend of the 3-5 February we attended our first Conference at Lady Eleanor Holles School in South-West London.


Report by Michael Stokes, Year 12

Preparations began before Christmas with research into our assigned countries. We were then organised into committees; Human Rights, Political, Economic and Social, Ecology and Environment and a Security Council. Within these committees we researched topics for discussion that varied from Violence Against Women, in Human Rights, to Nuclear Power Issues in Ecology and Environment. With our new-found knowledge, we wrote resolutions, or policies that aim to solve the issues being discussed, that were worthy of debate.

On Friday the 3 February our three delegations, acting as South Africa, The Maldives and North Korea, travelled to Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) for the Conference. On arrival we separated into our committees in order to lobby support for our resolutions. This was done successfully, allowing all of our resolutions to submitted and approved. Some delegates chose to merge resolutions with states with similar views; Daniela Buck representing The Maldives merged with South Korea in their resolution on Syria in the Political Committee. Three other resolutions approved by the approvals board got discussed within the committees including Alice Foreman’s resolution on Violence Against Women, which also got proposed to the General Assembly along with Daniela and Laura’s as part of the Security Council for South Africa.

Later that night an Opening Ceremony was held where we enjoyed Opening Speeches by member states' ambassadors and a fascinating and highly educating talk by Lord Hannay, the former UK ambassador to the UN. This covered areas such as the Millennium Development Goals and Nuclear Disarmament.

The next day started early as we had another hour of lobbying followed by delivery of our Committee Policy Statements outlining what each state wanted to achieve from this Conference. We then started discussing the various resolutions proposed. Time 'For' and 'Against' was given allowing delegates to voice their views and, following this, amendments to the resolution were discussed in a similar way. Votes were then passed on the amendments and the resolution as a whole. The resolutions passed were then submitted to the General Assembly where they were further discussed.

On the Sunday morning we spent two more hours discussing resolutions within our committees and then we proceeded to the General Assembly where all delegates gathered to discuss those resolutions that are well-written and effective. After one hour of discussing Germany’s Security Council resolution on the Global Security Risk of the Ongoing Financial Crisis, the RHS delegate had to depart due to the poor weather. However, other delegations were faced with the crisis of a bomb plot discovery, which appeared to be funded by Iran!

The weekend was greatly enjoyed by all who attended and huge thanks must go to Mr. Christmas for help with the preparation and planning.