The Royal Hospital School are proud to be included for the first time in this year's edition of The Cricketer's magazine annual publication The Playing Fields Of England: An A-Z Guide To The Summer Game’s Top 100 Schools. More than 250 submissions were forensically examined against an exhaustive set of internal and external criteria with each of them in a myriad of ways meriting inclusion. The published entry can be found pictured below: Read More

Southwold Geography Trip

At the end of this term our Year 12 A Level geographers all piled into minibuses and trundled down to the Southwold coast for a field trip. The first part of their day was spent down on the beach, although getting down to the beach proved quite challenging with some achieving the feat more gracefully than others! Interestingly the steep ledge they were now required to jump down was a mere step a few weeks before when Miss Izod had visited,... Read More
A team of RHS mathematicians competed in the Senior Team Maths Challenge regional finals in November this year. Our team comprised of Polina Belkina and Ben Willis from the Lower Sixth, and Crystal Li and Sean Xuan from the Upper Sixth. The challenge was made up of three rounds: group questions, a crossnumber (as opposed to a crossword) and finally four sets of relay questions, where the answer for each question is used to solve the question following it. The... Read More


The Eco Committee had a very productive term discussing how we can save energy and reduce our carbon footprint. Changing peoples’ behaviour so they live more sustainably is no mean feat, but their work is paying off and gradually our recycling is improving, lights are being turned off when people leave the room, and less heat is being wasted. In September the Keen4Green competition was launched. Each House strives to improve its energy saving and recycling quality compared to an... Read More

A Christmas Carol

Where do we begin? With the ‘covetous old sinner’ whom we all know to be Ebenezer Scrooge, of course. Scrooge was played most convincingly by Lily Lesh, with all of her “Bahs” and her “Humbugs” right on cue to stop the jubilant clerks (played by Alice Kilian, Hannah Farry, Esmé Forrester, Serena Brown, Sam Dixon, Oli Hurley and Sam Christmas) in their resplendent tracks. And how could the rhythmic incantations of those clerks whenever the clocks chimed go without special mentions? As... Read More
Last Thursday former RHS pupil Daniel Waterman passed out of Phase 1 training at the Commando Training Centre, in Lympstone, Devon. Daniel left RHS last July, and was one of the stalwarts of the school bands and choir, dedicating much of his free time to playing cornet and singing in the various ensembles. After a well-deserved summer break, Daniel took the daunting train journey down to Lympstone, where he joined thirty other recruits for a gruelling twelve-week military course. During this... Read More
On Monday 28 November pupils from across the language departments went to a conference lead by Queen Mary University's Professor of Linguistics and Films, Sue Harries. The focus of the conference was the analysis of contemporary French film Entre les mur/The Class - winner of several prestigious trophies such as Palm d'Or and Caesar which is the French equivalent of the Oscar. Professor Sue Harries beautifully and clearly drew the attention of the audience to the key features of the... Read More